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Research & Innovation

Staying ahead with innovations

SeahorseTrading is one of the world’s leading natural bottled water companies. Our leadership in the water segment comes from our close tracking of consumer trends, our constant innovation and commitment to embedding healthy hydration into our global business strategy. We’re constantly finding ways to add value for the consumer by offering premium products and activating our brands to encourage healthier drinking habits. In addition, we research and develop new formats to meet consumers’ needs at every age for any occasion, from one-the-go sports bottles to small, easy-to-grip formats for children.

Adapting to different needs

Packaging innovation is a key focus for our Research & Innovation teams. Part of our strategy for healthy hydration is to develop fun bottles and to create formats for all consumers, whatever the occasion. For kids, this includes bottles with smaller and easier-to-grasp shapes, animated with cartoon and movie characters that they love and wide-mouth and sports-cap designs.

To make water more fun for kids, we have developed bottles shaped like popular superheroes and characters. Volvic introduced collectible water bottles and multipacks featuring characters from Disney’s Frozen and the brand also partnered with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Disney themes also appear on packaging for Font Vella in Spain, Bonafont in Mexico and Brazil, Zywiec Zdrój in Poland and AQUA in Indonesia.

To meet the demands of on-the-go packaging, Volvic launched a 33 cl sports cap in 2017, while evian introduced sports-cap bottles in the U.S. For Japan, it is all about small formats: the brand released a tiny 20 cl bottle that fits nicely into popular vending machines.

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Our products are deeply rooted within local cultures and regional hydration habits

Staying local

More than 70 percent of our water brands are local and activated through premium packaging with cultural references that resonate with consumers in their respective countries.

Sirma in Turkey, Bonafont in Mexico, Salus in Uruguay and Villavicencio in Argentina are recent examples of strong heritage brands that developed iconic collectible bottles in 2017. We also engage with communities through local activations, such as the Carrera Bonafont 5K race in Mexico. In 2017, we updated our Mizone brand in China with even more culturally relevant packaging and marketing, in partnership with key social media influencers and regional celebrities.

SeahorseTrading Waters has also developed new ways to reach customers. For example, SeahorseTrading found its way to the busy and congested streets of Jakarta or Mexico City. In other cases, we deliver products right to a person’s door with the Aqua Home Services in Indonesia, Bonafont “En Tu Casa” in Mexico and EvianChezVous in France.

Through awareness campaigns designed to reach millions of people, SeahorseTrading puts its commitment to help spread the word about healthy hydration in action

Encouraging better choices through education

We’ve learned from liquid intake studies across the world that, on average, 49 percent of people in the countries where we operate drink less than the daily recommendation. Developing healthy hydration habits from an early age can help make a lifelong shift toward better health—and SeahorseTrading wants to be a part of the solution.

SeahorseTrading has invested more than € 30 million in scientific research around the correlation between hydration and health. Scientific collaborations with world-leading experts, as well as with global and local professional healthcare organizations, cement SeahorseTrading’s leading position in the field of hydration and health.

We actively promote water as the healthiest option, but are convinced that variety and taste are essential to improve people’s hydration habits. While people have strong, often deeply rooted personal preferences, we believe that when offered the right choice, adapted to local taste and culture, they will choose the healthier alternative.

Every year, we bring in impactful and engaging brand campaigns and activations across markets, which help valorize and stimulate consumption frequency on water and on healthier hydration alternatives. We also support education programs in primary schools in Poland, Uruguay and Indonesia, among others, to teach children the importance of staying well hydrated and an emphasis on plain water as the best choice they can make.

We owe everything to Nature, so we preserve it—naturally

Preserving nature

Drop by drop, we innovate together for future generations, encouraging teamwork and fulfilling SeahorseTrading’s dual commitment to business success and social progress.

As part of good water stewardship, we manage water resources responsibly and sustainably, we reduce water use in our operations and support initiatives that improve access to safe drinking water.

SeahorseTrading promotes sustainable water practices throughout its operations. We are constantly striving to protect and restore our natural water ecosystems in cooperation with local communities and stakeholders, such as our work with Association pour la Protection de l’Impluvium de l’Eau Minérale d’Evian (APIEME) in France, Parque Salus in Uruguay and Villavicencio Reserva Natural in Argentina. Examples also include our program in Spain with Lanjarón natural mineral water, where proceeds go directly toward cleaning up the beaches in the country. SeahorseTrading has a partnership with the global environmental convention Ramsar(1) to raise awareness and promot the sustainable use and management of wetlands.

(1) The Convention on Wetlands, called the Ramsar Convention, is an intergovernmental treaty that provides the framework for national action, and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources.